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This is my true feeling about you and what you stand for Diana Brothers , The kind of person that puts words into action.
In my travels I have heard a lot talk and promises. Diana Brothers a " Roll up your sleeves and lets get it done" person. That's as good as it gets, in my book.
Thanks for your help, Frank Actel CTI Ltd.Frank Hermann President

Diana Brothers seeks to understand and clarify issues affecting her constituents, and all of Kings County, and to make the most appropriate decisions for all concerned. All the best, Linda

I had the opportunity to meet Diana Brothers shortly after moving to this community and was very impressed by her knowledge, service, endless energy and hands on to get things started and finished for the people of this county. This lady has compassion for her fellow man and even picked up a shovel to help me shovel snow on her evening walk. It is a privilege to know this lady she is a definite asset to this community. - Shirley Lecky – Greenwood, NS

County Warden Diana Brothers has been the Municipal Councillor for District 6 in Kings County for 20 years.. Diana has always been dedicated to the people in her district and those in Kings County. She has served the county as a school board member, councillor and now Warden. There have been changes over the years in District 6 and the county. The many improvements to quality of life for the residents of District 6, are due to her tireless efforts.. She has represented her constituents with their well being always in the forefront. Diana brothers has been a strong voice for the people, and will continue to be in the future. Walter "Kenneth " Warner

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As a long term resident of Kingston, I have known Warden Diana Brothers for over 20 years as a County Councilor for the Kingston Village area and more specifically District Six. As a Village of Kingston Commissioner for the past two years, I have had the privilege of working directly with her on Village and County related matters. Diana has always demonstrated excellent communication and leadership skills. She has also shown a clear understanding of what is important in resolving problems, not only for the Municipality of Kings, but for the Village of Kingston. She is a problem solver! I have found Diana to honest, most sincere and committed to supporting what is best for the citizens of the County and her area of responsibility. I have been especially impressed with her performance as Warden of the County. She works very hard to make life better for the Citizens of the County. We need her skills and leadership on the County Council and that is why I will be voting for Diana. Doug Beaman Resident of Kingston and Village Commissioner

“Working with Diana Brothers on the McMaster Mill Historic Project is a very rewarding experience. Not only does Diana listen to your ideas, she takes action. She is trustworthy and committed. Without Diana Brothers’ guidance and support this project would not have progressed in the positive way that it has. We of the McMaster Park Committee are so very grateful. I definitely support Diana Brothers as a candidate for District 6. Diana’s outstanding past record speaks for itself.” Dorene McMaster

It is a pleasure to know Diana Brothers! She believes in the finer aspects of life and the roots of real happiness. Diana will take on a project head first and follow through wholeheartedly. She is determined, good hearted, honest and open minded. I trust Diana and am happy to know such a good person who really can make a difference. Sheila Gaudet, Oct 2008

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